Lets HEAR It For The Girls!

I am declaring today a national SHOUT OUT TO TEENAGE YOUNG WOMEN and by doing so I'd like to introduce my Super-Niece Emmie Sue who became such a specimen just last week. She joined the ranks of other frenzied female teens by perusing the mall and buying some seriously cute shirts.
I know about those shirts because she modeled them for me last night after dinner. She is in honors English, honors Math, and a former recipient of the very prestiges Hope of American Award. And she is lovely. Very lovely.
It may be that teenage females have it harder than the rest of us. Changing hormones, changing mentalities, changing bodies in the midst of a sex-driven society cannot be a walk in the mall. They need good role models, they need positive attention and a really cute diary (so in a couple years they can have a laugh.)
I hope to be a good role model for lovely Emmie. When she was modeling last night she came out wearing a rich-colored green knit top that looked too cute to be true. "I bought it because it reminded me of something you would wear" she told me, "and also because it was five bucks and you love a good bargain."
And so my legacy begins.

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