Just Wondering

Are you someone...
who studied Botany in school?
who has been in a rodeo? b.'s husband, Aunt CW
who eats only dark chocolate? Queen Scarlett (pretty close), Thisisme, Oh Judy!, Mayday, Julie-Comp
who didn’t take any Christmas presents back? Azucar, b., Justine, Wendy, Aunt CW, LuckyZ, ~J, CityMama1, Thisisme, Oh Judy!, Mayday, Julie-Comp, Cardine
who owns Beyonce’s new album? Natalie (wishes)
who can give me a really great recipe for anything? Azucar, Justine (Brussels mmmm), Wendy, Natalie, Aunt CW (see her latest post!), Rachel (Stuffed Mushrooms mmmm), ~J, Julie-Comp
who ate at Café Rio yesterday? Andy (wishes)
who is on a diet? (and what is the diet?) La Yen & Word Waldo (ABs)
who is addicted? Azucar (Asian Foods), Cousin Christy (Febreze), b. (Diet Pepsi & Blogs), Justine (Books) Wendy (Internet/Blogging), Julie (Blogging, Books & Chocolate), Natalie (Diet Coke, Blogs & Books), Aunt CW (Internet Connection), LuckyZ, Queen Scarlett (Chocolate & Asian Food), Sue-donym (Diet Coke, Books & Baths), Ethan (Hbo's Entourage, Dr.Pepper, Fantsay Football, Sirius Radio), ~J (Clean Laundry Smells & The Office), CityMama1 (Diet Pepsi & E-mail), Julie-Comp (Chocolate), Sarah (Sugar)
who doesn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy? Brave Lyle, Wendy, Julie, ~J, Thisisme, Mayday, Cardine
who has blonde hair and brown eyes (lucky)? Julie's son, Tricia (used to),
who has an obsession? Azucar (Architecture, Design), Julie (Blogging & E-mail), Rachel (Drawing House Blueprints (cool obsession)) ~J (Kids and not starting sentences with "I") Oh Judy! (Lipstick, Pens & Modern Art), Julie-Comp (Food & Men)
who has only daughters? Marilyn (and they are the best!), Wendysue (THEY are the best!), Queen Scarlett, Sue-donym, Mayday
who is turning 30 this year? b. (40 is the new 30), Queen Scarlett, ~J, Rachel, Tricia, Julie-Comp
who prefers baths to showers? Natalie, Sue-donym, ~J
who sleeps with socks on? Wendy, Wendysue, Natalie, Oh Judy!, Cardine
who is falling in love? Natalie (all the time)
who is going on vacation soon (where)? Cari (hope, hope), Justine (Nauvoo), Wendy (Disneyland), Natalie (Cali-Jan/Feb-NJ), ~J (Disneyland & NY), Julie-Comp (Alaska)
who watch the Boise State game and cheered? b., ~J, Sarah
who always has their toes painted? Azucar, Justine, Natalie, Queen Scarlett, Sue-donym, Oh Judy!, Sarah
who can change a tire solo? Azucar, Aunt CW, LuckyZ
who would vote for Hillary? Azucar, NOT KELLY, CityMama1 (Already did), Julie-Comp, Cardine
who has only sons? Azucar, Julie
who has tried in-vitro? Lovely, Lovely Leisha
who has a teacup collection? LuckyZ, CityMama1 (Teapots...(I want to see it!))
who lives in a big city? CityMama1 (New York)
who lives in the country? b.
who has been to Africa? AZ Em-i-ly, Wendy, Tricia, CityMama1
who has been to India?
who has been to Dubai? La Yen & Jooj (prally in the Fall)
who has clementines in their kitchen? Cari, Justine, Wendy, Wendysue, Aunt CW (under the tree, actually), CityMama1, EMILY!, Julie-Comp (Mandarines-close enough), Sarah, Cardine
who has a child with a name that starts with “O”? The Jolly P, Nie Nie, CityMama1, Oh Judy!, Sarah
who gets the paper on their doorstep? Wendysue (from a newspaperman...creepy), Aunt CW, Ethan, Sarah, Cardine
who clips coupons? Azucar, Natalie, Aunt CW, LuckyZ, Queen Scarlett, ~J, Oh Judy!, Sarah
who always sings up to bring a meal in for another family? Azucar, Natalie, Aunt CW, Queen Scarlett, ~J, CityMama1 (Veggie Lasagna), Cardine
who wants to be a spy? Azucar, Ethan (Ninja), ~J, Cardine
who watches soap operas? Cousin Christy, La Yenster, The Jolly P, Oh Judy!
who has a red couch? The Jolly P, S Hod, Oh Judy!, Jayniemoon
who collects? Azucar (Books), Julie (Books & Keychains), Natalie (Books & Salt n' Pepper shakers), Aunt CW (Quilt Fabric), Queen Scarlett (Books), ~J (Blankets), Oh Judy! (Books & Art) Sarah (Fabric, Typography, Lots of Things)
who only uses cash? La Yen & Word Waldo, Cari
who was married in the past year?
who has been married for more than 20 years? Cari, LuckyZ
who claims January as their favorite month (WHY)? Nie Nie (Fresh Start), Sue-donym (The Princess was born in January), NOT Jayniemoon
who is pregnant? Azucar, CityMama1
who loses bladder control when they laugh? Azucar, LuckyZ, ~J
who looks good in purple? Azucar, LuckyZ, Queen Scarlett, CityMama1, Mayday, Cardine
who eats white bread rather than wheat? Natalie, Sue-donym
who swears by cheap shampoo? Cari, Julie, Jayniemoon
who drives a convertible? Sue-donym
who made a resolution and already broke it (I love you)? Azucar, Justine,Wendy, Natalie, Ethan (Swearing...good luck), Thisisme

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