The Insomniac Discovery

Just to get you all caught up . . . one night while having insomniac conversations with myself, I decided to read some blogs and found myself clicking "Next Blog" which you will see on the upper right hand corner of this here page. The clicking landed me into the wonderful world of La Gazette de St-Pompain which is a blog about a family that lives in France and includes ponies and puppies and trips to country vineyards and visits from doting Grandparents. Much like the life I am living now.
Strangely though, Pauline, the mini-heroine of La Gazette, oddly resembled my own daughter/niece Claire, who, as far as we can predict is NOT from FRANCE. Quickly I e-mailed her real/ mother Stephanie (Nie Nie) with an inquiry about this happenstance-did Stephanie know something I did not? Relatives in France? Quel coincidence!?
Let me show you what I am talking about:

There was no other explanation--Claire had a twin sister living in France while she herself maintained a residency in New Jersey (but don't feel bad for Claire because she gets to eat quesadillas . . . at least.)
As the story goes, and as things are always rosy at St-Pompain, a couple months ago Pauline had a baby doll and a baby brother named Raphael!

Yesterday morning I checked my e-mail and got this important message:
don't be alarmed, but Raphael looks very very similar to Mr Nicholas...this is just weird
with love,

Alarmed? How can two mothers across the world from each other have the exact same children?
Really! I might have a twin in Russia and I think I should know. Maybe we all have twins and we just didn't know until the inter web shrunk our world and made it possible for us to find each other! This is important.
I am calling President Bush or Get Gephardt or somepingbody.
I will keep y'all posted . . .

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