I Am Too Busy To Come Up With A Title

Well, I am just too busy to post today. I've got so much going on and blogging is just out of the question. The time it takes for me to get all clever and write some smack and wait for blogger to finally post my picture, takes to0 much time for my busy day. And then there is the whole part about praying that I get comments (important) and blessing each post. FORGET ABOUT IT PEOPLE! I am so serious you should witness the roots that are growing out of my head! (I'd say a good two inches) so now I've got to call the salon and anyone knows that any reputable salon is NOT open on Monday because "clients" prefer a more Tuesday to Saturday schedule which is not good for me because I always want my hair done on Monday and that is because I think about it during Fast and Testimony meeting. (Don't tell the higher-ups.) But I also don't have time to hear the latest Gweneth Drains America Comment in some Portuguese newspaper. That is because I've got to take checks to my mortgage company which is a place I like to avoid and that is because I hate signing things. The best thing I ever signed was divorce papers and I am TOO BUSY TO WRITE ABOUT THAT! I need to spend my internet time paying bills and work on the website I am building for a company that really rocks when it comes to plumbing and heating. Plumbing and heating PEOPLE! Also Chup added like twenty more things to his Christmas list (during Fast and Testimony meeting he whispered it in my ear) and now guess who needs to go back to Target and perhaps some Sportsman's Warehouse to buy shoes with holes in them-what a Croc!? But I do it because I like him. I extra like him when it's cold outside, and oh boy, it's like colder than Gweneth snubbing America outside these days but DO YOU THINK THAT I HAVE THE TIME TO BLATHER ABOUT THE WEATHER? I don't have time for that loquacity! I am so busy! I am so serious, don't even think that I have time for links either (even though this is still making me laugh.) One thing is for sure, I am too busy to laugh. Whoa partner, don't even tempt me (too busy for temptation!) And even though I cleaned out all my closets last week I somehow forgot about our bedroom closet and now I've got to go through that and find whoknowswhat because my husband keeps shirts from high school! High school? That was so 1995 for me. Ex-haus-ting. And I am too busy to be exhausted. But on top of all that I need to do the dailys which are: reading scriptures, walking dogs, brushing teeth, showering, drinking gallons of water, calling and hanging up on Lucy, and, calling and hanging up on her husband Ric and last of all vacuum the flock that is shedding off my tree and making people think that I have clumpy dandruff. And speaking of the tree I also have to do crowd control for the people lined up in my living room who have pilgrimaged (see: above picture) to see my tree in person after they read all about it on my blog which I am too busy to write today. (I am so serious.)

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