3 Things For My New Best Friends

The Wisemen from the East, seek The Great Amelie from the Southwest.

Every year the councilwoman puts birds in her Thanksgiving tree. Last year my sister, Nie put birdies in her Christmas tree (see: here). This was my year. I couldn't find birds that I liked for purchase, so I made my own with my vast library of tissue paper, feathers and Styrofoam balls.

Les oiseaux rouge

Les oiseaux bleu

Les oiseaux d'or

O tannenbaum, o tannenbaum, wie treu sind deine blätter.

Thanks Chup, welcome back to the fold honey.


A Weekend Blogging Idea! Join the intriguing discussion going on now at Segullah by answering these questions:

As a woman, how have you used your body to fulfill divine purposes?

How has this sacrifice and consecration brought you closer to God?


Lastly I would like to say--for my readers that prefer Mozilla Firefox--I am sorry it took me so long to fix my sidebar problem. It was a long and toiling process. In the ordeal of fixing the template I lost a few choice years of my life. It was worth silencing my critics, those who thought I was a html poseur. You know who you are, Simpleton.

Who is the Firefox now?

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