A Tale Of Two Dogs, a Hero And a Snappy Soundtrack

"I can't find the I-pod!" I yelled down the hall to Chup who was busy blowing up cocaine fields on the computer. Getting the dogs ready for a walk takes great energy. I have to get the proper dog-walking clothes on, lace up my shoes, grab the minimal key ring from out of the turquoise catch-all on the kitchen counter, get the dogs from the kennel, unlatch the front gate, open the back of the car for their ascent and make sure that Ralph doesn't bizness all over Nate's lawn in the process. I could walk them no less than twenty-six times daily and still they'd act like I was taking them to Dog Disneyland with the way they jump, run and yelp into the car.
And pant.
And drool.
Shutting the back window on the car, I noticed Chup was coming out of the house. He was frowning, looking down at something in his hands. In an act of technological bravery a couple of weeks ago, he installed Linux on the I-pod so that we could play games and really good games, and basically be better than everyone else. The Linux was interfering with the Mac music capabilities and Chup couldn't navigate it at the moment.
"I am going without it." The disappointed words fell out of my mouth. The dogs were in the back of the car wrestling. I can't leave them in there long without my leather seats going to, well, the dogs.
The best, best part of my day is walking the dogs. We drive out west to places were they can just run for miles and swim and eat dead things. I turn on my music and walk briskly--and when I do so I can admittedly say that I look like an over-animated 80's aerobics instructor . But I go alone so who cares? Ralph and Dutchy think it's the way humans walk their pets. They never seem embarrassed of me, and I afford them the same when I watch them defecate on the side of the road.
I like to listen to new music everyday. Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Alias soundtracks, or a playlist I made for my Dancing Queen Sister-in-Law Lindsey. Have you heard "Reasons" by Faithless? Oh enchiladas I love that song! But the best cd is one that Topher made me a year ago that has all sorts of funky-beated songs, developing divas and just one Sheryl Crow song that makes me think of Lance Armstrong and I get a little saddy. But most of the cd is bomber and dissolves all my worries.
Driving out west, I tried not to focus on the music-less walk ahead of me. We passed the farm fields and new developments while the dogs pushed their faces into the wind.
When we arrived out on the old road, I unloaded the dogs and watched Dutchy--in haste--chase a flock of birds. I tried to put my face in the sun, smothered by clouds, as I moved. Cars passed us, stopping abruptly when my dogs started to chase the back tires. I always wave on the driver.
"Go ahead, they only do this for a couple yards."
My pace was slow. I was cold. No beats to walk to, no Mates of State to sing with, it was all-too quiet.
Down the road, I heard a car coming up from behind. I stopped and called to the dogs in the distance. Without looking behind me, I waited for the dogs to come running to my side. The car behind me slowed down and started to follow me. My heart started beating faster. I didn't dare look around.
Act as if everything is normal and keep Ralph at your side just in case.
The car edged up closer to my side and stopped. I turned to look at my stalker. The passenger side window was rolled down and the driver was leaning over to open the door. I looked inside to see my I-pod and favorite earplugs sliding over the seat.
"I fixed it." said Chup.
He fixed and then drove all the way out to our walking spot to hand it over. Suddenly the overcastment in the sky trickled over the mountains and a blue sky appeared (not added for poetic embellishment). I immediately turned on the Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Friends", picked up the pace and watched my stalking hero drive out of sight.

Topher's Some Tunes:
1. Chicago/ Sufjan Stevens
2. The Repudiated Immortals/ Of Montreal
3. Extraordinary Machine/Fionna Apple
4. We Used To Be Friends/The Dandy Warhols
5. Ohio/Damien Jurado (CHUP'S FAVORITE)
6. Eleanor Put Your Boots On/ Franz Ferdinand
7. Pitseleh/Elliot Smith
8. Happyment/Komeda
9. Lay Lady Lay/ Magnet & Gemma Hayes
10. Nothing/ Mason Jennings
11. I Just Can't Get Enough/ Nouvelle Vogue
12. Closer/ matt pond PA
13. Golden/My Morning Jacket
14. Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games/Of Montreal
15. Love Affair/Regina Spektor
16. Sylvia Plath/ Ryan Adams
17. Always On Your Side/ Sheryl Crow (RIP Sheryl and Lance)
18. Living Room/ Tegan and Sara
19. The Power Of Orange Knickers/ Tori Amos
20. How To Fight Loneliness/Wilco

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