If You Are Looking For Me

I am still in Idaho on my In-law's couch. In about two minutes I will be starting the first DVD of Pride & Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle.
I have in other times been quite loud about my dislike of Kiera Knightly's Lizzie Bennet due to the fact that Lizzie absolutely needs cleavage. I use the word need because I mean it.
Jane Eyre doesn't need cleavage.
Emma Woodhouse doesn't need cleavage.
Anne of Green Gables doesn't need cleavage.
But Elizabeth needs to heave it while she is running around being witty and suprised.
If anyone feels inclined to challenge me on this I must remind you to read your morning paper. Some Russian spy was poisoned with a high dose of radioactive substance and he is blaming Putin. In otherwords, there are more important things to stew about.
(Besides I am right.)
Now, if you will excuse me, I gots to do what I gots to do, baby.

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