Easy Like Sunday Morning

Years ago I dated a guy who had in his possession a cd entitled "Songs That Make You Want To Love" --which is awesome--and the soundtrack included "Easy Like Sunday Morning" by the class act Faith No More. For the record, that song doesn't make me want to do anything but shop at Albertsons and/or ride in an elevator for an extended period of time.

If you are wondering about this "guy" with this seedy "cd" just know that there was a curb and some kicking on my behalf.

Enter: Chup.

I only mention this because yesterday--and I am not kidding here--was the best Sunday morning I've ever had. As it turns out, the Devil inspired the person in charge of making building arrangements for our church house, and so we start our meetings at 2pm. And if you do the math, that means we get out shortly before midnight. Or what feels like midnight these days. You need a flashlight to get to your car. Not kidding. Ok kidding. (Really not kidding.)

I had no official meetings to go to yesterday, so I stayed in bed until 10:30. Then I decided to make Brenda's Pancakes. I don't know Brenda, only that an enthusiastic woman on my mission gave me this recipe and included a blessing with the card. It reads: May these pancakes bless you in your important work, I pray. Phyllis. You may not believe me, but Brenda's Pancakes got me through some tough times. Being Dear Janed and all...

Chup ate the pancakes with his EYES CLOSED, because MMMMMM they were SO GOOD. And while he was having love with Brenda's Pancakes I started to work on another craft. I am suddenly crafty this season and I've been making do-dads for my Christmas tree. An inner voice warned, "Don't do crafts on the Sabbath" and that was when I picked up some Super Glue (where Elmers would've sufficed) to glue a ribbon onto an ornament, and instead, glued my fingers to the Super Glue bottle on one hand, and on the other, I glued my fingers together. Like really seriously glued them stuck. I started screaming. I thought about having to go to church with the Super Glue cemented to my fingertips. I worried that someone might ask me to lead the music. Imagine that!

Chup acted fast and tenderly helped me unpeel my fingers from whence they were bound. I learned my lesson though, no crafts on the Sabbath. Write that one down in your book of daily thoughts and pleasures.

I had to lie down after all that small, but significant tragedy, so I sat in the sun and read from the Good Word. Chup sat beside me and mocked my recent experience. This continued into Sacrament Meeting as my constant peeling of glue off my fingers distracted his devoted watching of the Primary Program.

The Primary Program is the best. We are still trying to understand why "Scripture Power" is number ONE on the Primary Music Top 40 Countdown, but the kids are loving it these days. I still prefer "Book of Mormon Stories" what with it's Native American-inspired tom-tom beat. Ri-ght-eous-ly.

Ok so I haven't really done a good job at explaining why yesterday morning was so sweet. This is maybe why I didn't do so well at writing papers in college. Sticking to the thesis was never my strong suit.

Brenda's Pancakes

1 1/2 cup white or whole wheat flour

2 tsp. baking powder

3/4 tsp. salt

3 tbsp. sugar

1 egg

1 1/4 milk (I do Vanilla Soy Milk)

3 tbsp. butter

Sift flour, mix and sift all dry ingredients. Beat eggs, add milk and butter. Mix liquid with dry ingredients slowly so there will be no lumps.


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