Don't Be Silly, I'll Just Tell You

I went to the Association for Mormon Letters Writers Conference with Segullah on Saturday. They even let me present for a couple of minutes on forgot what I spoke about. But I would like to mention my peepies who were there:
Queen-and-Editor-of-the-Universe Kathy
Poetess Sharlee
Writer-I-Get-Jealous-Of Kylie
My New Best Friend Melonie
Incredible-All-Around Melissa
Muy-Intelligenced Darlene, Also Flashy Smile.
I don't know if or how often any of them read my personal blog, so all of those compliments probably just went to waste. I only compliment when I think someone is listening. Really because who wants to compliment behind someone's back?
Expressing love and compliment is my way of showing love. I found that out when Page made me take the Love Language test. She didn't really MAKE me, because like this weekend when MD explained to me--via Elder Bednar--we are agents unto ourselves. BUT something about Page's personality impels you to do whatever she asks. Oldest daughter that sort of thing.
Voila! When I show love I do it verbally, with my mouth muscles (not talking about french kissing although Chup may disagree and can you blame him?)
I may not keep in frequent contact, offer hugs (hugs can be disturbing unto me) or offer services (where is this sentence headed?) BUT if I like you, sleep assured...or...whatever that terminology is, I will tell you.
I am realizing also that the more I talk around someone the more I like them. I have a mental list of people who I can't stop my mouth around. MD and Kentucky are tops on my list. As well as my dear friend Naomi. I go to her house to drop something off and suddenly it's Easter.
Here I go again. Another self-absorbent post for the masses. Carp. But carry on.
In the Love Language test you also identify how you like to get love, and that for me is very simple: gifts. Particularly for me: small gifts that cost under $20. Now you know why Target for me is a place of enlightenment and spiritual release from sin. Anything more expensive isn't a gift, it's a decision, and I'd like to be aware of the purchase beforehand. Don't just buy me a Kitchenaid without letting me choose the color (casting a vote for stainless steel today.)
The list of small gifts I have received lately and the giver:
Found on doorstep, divine chocolate cake from swanky Salt Lake Bakery-Azucar
Found on coffee table, meloncholic Halloween music cd compiled by-Topher
Handed to husband for me at church, metallic markers I use daily (see above)-Sister Raintree
Resized large amber ring-S Hod
Honey-hand soap from Bath & Body Works-The Councilwoman
And thus we see, you give me a gift and I will tell you how much I like you. It's really easy being in a relationship with me. Of course, even if you don't get me a small present I will still tell you that I like you. Maybe even love you.

But for heaven's sake, don't let that deter you!

What is your Love Language?

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