The BIG LETDOWN of 2006

So this is what they told me last night on the news:

"Ohhh it is going to be a blistery morning! Make sure your snow clothes are easily accessible! If you have to commute try leaving a couple hours earlier! Grease your snow shovels! Store extra water! Do you have your food storage? A snowstorm to baptize the Wasatch Front. Tomorrow...just might be...the end of the world! Tuck your little ones in extra tight!"

Last night, sleep eluded me as I thought about the fluffy white stuff spreading thick on my front lawn. I planned my first of the year snowman and placed my pink boots by the front door. And I am looking out the window this morning and it looks like this:

Kids are doing handstands. Puppies, children, green grass.

Watch your back Roland Steadham. Watch your back.

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