Snippets Anyone?

Ever since I made him this Kandinsky-inspired sugar cookie on Friday, Chup has been calling me "Cookie." Mark my words though, that one won't stick.
Other things that won't stick:
The snow
Stickers from Target's dollar store aisle
I tried to think of more things, but ended up blowing my nose and looking around the room.
Oh here is another one:
My resolve to stay on top of my e-mail correspondence
To wake-up before dawn
Currently, resisting the urge to eat more pumpkin turn-overs from last night.

This weekend I played Mrs. Bones the grumpy (but sexy!) witch at Claire's fifth birthday party. I wasn't trying to be sexy, it just happened, you know because it's Halloween and all. Funny too, because only moments before I was a sister missionary at the ward Halloween carnival. I walked past Chup, dressed (like EVERY YEAR) as a car mechanic and he whispers in my ear,
"Hey sister, when do you get off your mission?"
And from that point on, I was a sexy sister missionary.
Anyway, when I arrived at the birthday party I made a big scene and asked all the children who was in charge of the inviting. Quick to rat-out the birthday girl, they all silently pointed at Claire. I picked Claire up and told her, in no uncertain terms, how much Mrs. Bones (always talk in third person when you are a witch) did NOT appreciate NOT being invited to her birthday party. Claire's imagination overcame her party spirit and she did a fine job acting as if she was a frightened yet brave little girl.
"I-I-I did invite you Mrs. Bones."
After that I gave suckers to the kiddies. One child attacked me which made me swear under my wig. Hopefully no one heard except the large stuffed owl that Chup had gingerly perched on top of my head. We couldn't find a hat.

Lucy and Ric came home from their honeymoon this weekend. When Luca tried to do a load of laundry their washer started flooding their kitchen which prompted an-obvious-but-how-can-you-not? statement from me,
"Well, the honeymoon is over."
I think the perennial car mechanic should take the sexy sister missionary on a second honeymoon, this time to hmmmmmmmm. I will have to think about it (but no place that has animated animals 'cause that=creepy.)

I think I am done writing this post. It's been random at best. I will be in the Mesa area tonight until tomorrow afternoon. If anyone would like to stop by and wish me a Happy Halloween I will be at Sweet Buns down town having a cookie. I repeat HAVING A COOKIE. Do NOT call me COOKIE. Just between you and me, it's cjane. C to the Jane, it don't get mo' plain, hallelujah bring on da rain. Kurt Cobain did NOT kill Cain. Insane Wayne just went down the drain.

Consider it dropped.

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