I've Got Priorities Sugar!

Oh my sweet and everlasting irony.
Didn't you think yesterday's post was a little too self-centered? I mean if you didn't know the free-thinking, earth-saving, charity-ridden animated act of flesh I am, you might think I was full of something. After Chup came home from shooting his latest horror movie, he read yesterday's post to which he replied,
"I liked it Doggie."
And because I am the humble servant of Ischabab formerly of Babylon, I asked,
"Did you think it was too self-involved?"
Chup's honesty is only a bit more potent then his genuineness and he said,
"Um. Maybe a little."
Then he said,
"What happened to the PARAGRAPH that you wrote about visiting Kentucky this weekend in the hospital?"
Good point. Had I kept that PARAGRAPH in the post I would've sounded a hellofalot more like the true me. The Kind that visits loved onesies in hospitals. I think I cheered up my dear Kentucky a little bit when I arrived, sans a card, to see that she looked like Heaven's Earth Angel.
Truth is, I had some very serious trouble with Blogger yesterday which caused me to say some very unbecoming words, which made Blogger offended and it went ahead and DEVOURED my whole post. While I did write most of it in Word! first, I decided to rewrite a condensed version and kept the part about Kentucky close to my heart. Truth is, I should've shared. It would've made me look so much more gritty and humane. Fetch.
Fetch was NOT a word I used yesterday at Blogger. When I decide to swear, I go all the way Baby!
Did anyone see Utah's Channel 4 News last night when they interviewed The Drunk Bachelorette in a bar called Lumpys, and blamed her absolutely ridiculous behavior on jet lag ("She just got back from Rome!") until they took it back to the studio and Ruth Todd, rolled her eyes and said,
"Jet Lag?"
Funny t.v. I only bring it up because The Drunk Bachelorette kept calling Brent Hunsaker "Baby!" At one point she squeezed her chest and said something like this,
"Are you kidding me? I loved it Baby!"

(Part of me wished I were her.)

But moving on. . .

This morning I got an e-mail from my Commander in the Confederate Segullah Blogging Community, namely Mara who writes:

Well, we have arrived. The snarckernacle has picked us up and you get the honors. Here is the link:

The Snarkernackle is the Talk Soup of Mormonbloggingdom. They linked to my post at Segullah in attempt to tease those of us who write about ourselves ranging from the silly to the mundane.
I deserve it. From now on, I promise to be less self-full. In fact, I am going to start anew as a warm warrior of love, hope and non-self-indulgence, by telling you all the things that Chup bought for me at Target yesterday:

2 packages of Lindt's Lindor milk chocolate & milk/white chocolate Halloween truffles.
2 packages of Halloween Gel Clings (feels like Jell-O jigglers! I squished them onto my front door.)
2 packages of abc stickers (97 in each package!)
1 Choxie Single Origin Chocolate Thin 64% Costa Rica cacao: "Chocolate made from Costa Rican cacao beans with a mild flavor and hints of caramel."
(The lantern was purchased 2 years ago at a quirky, cozy gift shop in downtown Seattle. Don't you just love it?)

No self-service here.
I am saving the world one trip to Target at a time BABY!

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