Having Dinner & Telling

One of my favorite things to do when I was teaching the youth of America Brave and Bold, was to ask them what they had for dinner the night previous. Not only was it fun to hear them describe their mother's spaghetti to me, it also gave me ideas. I am not going to lie (certainly not for the sake of PC-ness) my Hispanic students answered with much more fervor than their caucasianal counterparts.
"My abuela made tortillas and we had this soup you know, that had onions and tomatoes."
"We had chimichangas with this pork that is stringy and really good."
"My mom cooked this beef for a really long time and then she made enchiladas with the beef and beans."
After awhile I could almost smell the food that they'd describe. There were always four or five follow-up questions.
"How does your aubuela roll out her tortillas? Can you show me?"
"What made the stringy pork taste so good?"
"Which beans did you have in the enchiladas?"
Though I don't miss the noise of a small enclosed classroom filled with extremely bright children, I terribly crave their narrative of last evening's eats.
Does anybody feel like telling me, a former instructor of Hope, what they had for dinner last night? Oh, and can you give me your best description?
I feel like salivating.

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