The First Best Conversation Ever!

A telephone conversation with my almost-five-year-old niece Claire on Saturday afternoon:

This is Claire!
Oh hi Claire!
Okay. I have the most exciting news EVER!
My mom had her FIRST ever cutest little baby!
And you can come over and hold him if you want.
Can I?
I wish I could be there right now!
You can come right now!
What is his name?
Nicholas, and he is so chubby.
Have you held him?
Yes. We were playing with cousin Mary and then we came home and my mom had him.
Will you tell Christopher? Will you? I want him to know.
Yes I will tell him.
I've got to go because I am going to hold him again right now. But, but Ollie can't hold him because he will slip out and fall.
Oh. That's not good. Give Nicholas a kiss for me okay?
Okay. Love you. And, and tell Christopher okay?

Congratulations Steph, Christian, Claire, Jane and Ollie on a new brother!

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