Promptings To The Rescue!

Occasionally promptings confuse me. Not that I get impressions to do zany things, like stand on the corner of Center and University--naked--with a sign that says "Violence is Bliss!" no, nothing like that, to be certain.

Sometimes I get promptings to do the most insignificant things. If I ignore them the harder they are to follow through. My reasoning for dismissing promptings, is confusion of the source. An idea pops in my head, and I wonder, where in the deepening cosmos did that thought come from?

For instance, when it comes to dealing with irrational people, I always get the feeling that I should ignore them. Isn't that what Satan wants? Doesn't he delight in our apathy? Shouldn't we work it out?

No. Not for me apparently, because ignoring has proven to be the most sublime survival tactic. Following through with promptings, and without questioning, is not unlike a superhero finding out for the first time, that when he stretches his neck, he can soar.

Oh it's a blast!

Last night after a brief FHE I decided to catch up on all of the filed away promptings. I called people and wrote notes, whipped up some e-mails, quit my job and other things of that nature.
But when I went to make the FHE treat, another prompting filled my head.

Don't make it!

It warned.

I pre-heated the oven.

Don't make it!

Stronger and firmer!

I put the treats in the oven.

You'll be sorry!

Look, I counter. You can tell me how to deal with relationships, situations and magnifying of my calling, but stay away from treat time DANG IT!

Later that night, hovering over the toilet, fearing more gastrovomiterria in my immediate future, I repented.

Oh how I repented!

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