Wednesday, September 6, 2006

A Post Where I Pretend To Not Be So White

Tuesday nights are hard on me. They are hard day's nights. Mostly because it's Mutual and I am concerned about the activity, or the Laurel who may or may not show up to conduct, or if the Deacons are going to eat all the refreshments without sharing with the Beehives. Those sorts of issues.
It always seems to go well, despite of my stress. Last night was no exception. We sent the kids out on a wild scavenger hunt, in an effort to meet the new move-ins in the neighborhood. Chup's group gave up and went to Walkers for ice cream. Brother Show-off.
After eveyone left, Mayday and I chatted for awhile about this and that. Have you ever chatted about this and that? Rivoting.
When we were done discussing this, I axed her for a ride home. We say axed instead of asked at our place 'cause we wish we weren't so white sometimes. Mayday obliged, and we walked out to the parking lot together holding hands. Symbolically speaking anyway.
STORY: When we were fighting the sea of red in attempt to leave the U of A game, some rowdy punkarse fraternity boys were yelling at us to "Get your FAMILIES and go home." Which is really rude. I mean to think of all the horrific things to say to us defeated Mormons, they pick the fact that we like familes. Rude biz U of A frat brats! But they also said, "We don't want you here anywayS!" which grated my soul like a gripping lemon peel. Please insult us with exsisting words! I mean! Shhhoooot.
"AnywayS isn't a word!" I retorted. "Pay mo' attention in English this year!"
Which you might think is a pretty lame come-back, but seriously though, a girl turned around and said, "Nice come-back."
Thing is, I think she meant it.
End Story Transmission
Out in the parking lot, I observed no cars, but 'cept a Fed Ex truck quadrupley parked next to the tree.
"Um." Mayday started, "I hope you don't mind riding home in Davey's Fed Ex truck."
Who me?
I grew up driving Audis. I think the Fed Ex truck is the natural, next automobilic step. Now tizell me this, who else drives home from mutual in a Fed Ex truck?
Not your mom for sure.
So Mayday and I took that puppy dog and cruised the 'hood. We also honked the horn and laughed until I thought my bladder couldn't take the heat. Why does laughing making you urinate? Somebonny 'plain that to me brotha.

As Mayday left, she honked the horn "beep-beep"and continued to her journey home. CK and I carried on our Tuesday night tradition, whizch is that I release all the Mutal stress by eating burritos and tacos and doughnuts until midnight or so. Then I sleep like a baby...

...until next Tuesday.