Holy Polly Cinnamon Rolly

It's been awhile and it had to happen.
The craving for cinnamon rolls has chased me around like a rabid paparazzi for weeks.
On Friday night Chup and I drove all across the Salt Lake Valley looking to appease this demanding monster now residing permanently in my brain, with satellite offices in my salivary glands and stomach lining. It was weird too because every once and awhile my eyes would cloud up and this growling voice would emminate from my stomach,
"I must have cinnamon and frosting! Get me cinnamon and frosting Chup! (Think Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters minus the height.) I want cinnamon and frosting NOW!"
When we couldn't find a decent bakery to satisfy (suggestions?), I resorted to coming home and taking a hot shower.
Now I am realizing that if you were to read my blog you would find that I do this a lot. Chocolate Donuts. That sort of thing. I've always been a craver if you don't like it (pardon the pun) you can bite me.
The next morning the monster growled even louder,
"Must have cinnamon rolls with loads of frosting! Will NOT negociate anymore. Don't care if cinnamon rolls make you pudgy. Must have, must have MUST HAVE!"
And I awoke Chup by jumping on the bed. We worked out a plea bargain in which I would do something nice for him if he would brave Shirley's Bakery on a Saturday morning. Shirley serves most of the Wasatch Front every Saturday morning (next week will be worse on account of conference). Women like to trick their husbands into thinking that they just whipped up a batch of homemade rolls a la their mother-in-laws. They arrive by the CaraVan-loads. And I am on to their dirty secret.
Thirty minutes later he came home. . .
Count em'
"When I got out of my car and approached the door, a lady was running to beat me in line." Explained my brave hero, Chupa Charming.
(Not that we don't do that at Cafe Rio every single time we go.)
But 12 cinnamon rolls? Who needs 12?
Special Report: This Monday morning, there is just exactly ONE cinnamon roll left.
Information on a need-to-know-basis: Chup and C jane did not share their cinnamon rolls with outside sources and did adhere to yesterday's Fast Sunday.
Result: Tests and scales are still pending. . .

But at least the monster is gone.

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