Friday, September 1, 2006

Here's a Tip


When someone gives me advice I usually, and promptly chuck it out my internal window. If I had a "makes me uncomfortable" list (what makes you think I don't?) advice receiving would be/is in the top five. This may be the reason why senior citizens don't like me. I am serious. I had a load of them honk at me yesterday when I was walking the dogs. My ears were full of sweet I-pod tunes and apparently they thought my sweet walking (arms flailing) was taking too much of the road, so they drove up behind me and honked really loud. AND THEN LAUGHED AS THEY DROVE BY. Senior citz are NOT my buddies.


When we decided to have dogs EVERYONE and their DOG told us that our lawn was going to be destroyed. People had all sorts of advice about proper dog care and lawn maintenance. As usual, I listened only as decency would allow and then I brushed it all off. Because you know what? OUR DOGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT.


Boy was I wrong.

Which is why we have a little project going on at our house right now. It's called Taking Our Lawn Back. We've kenneled up the dogs and Chup reseeded and waters like every 6 minutes. We were thinking of getting to know how local Shaman to ask for a tribal dance or something to help it grow. We don't have a local Shaman, but the man who owns the local bar lives a couple doors down. This is helpful inside information.

SO I am going to work on that advice getting. Just yesterday Gracie, a curly-haired fifth grader offered some to me.

Grace: Mrs. K are you married?

Me: Yes.

Gracie: Are you going to have kids?

Me: I hope so.

Gracie: Well, here is a tip for you.

Me: Okay.

Gracie: Don't own your own business.

Me: Why?

Gracie: Because then you can't get food stamps.