Ursula Minor

I've been feeling a bit lost lately. A little too yang and not enough yin. I mean my yellow personality (Thanks Taylor-Hartman) almost ate my red personality! There has been too much fun in my wash of daily life...I needed a day to nurture my responsibilities. I needed a house of order, a house of clean forks, devoid of dust bunnies.
Up at the crack of dawn, I started making piles of colored laundry up and down my hallway. There was dusting of the furniture, window sills and mirrors. Chup tackled the kitchen, washing loads of dishes, scrubbing the counter tops and shining the floor. I undressed the bed, airing out the quilt, and laundered all the linens. I exchanged decorative pillows on all couches, and my bed, for more summer tones (greens, yellow, blues).
After lunch, Chup power-washed the front of the house while I cut fresh flowers for vases throughout. My dahlias are coming up again and I want to burst at the pride of it, literally burst. The bathroom was thoroughly sanitized--especially the tub--which is commonly called my office. It's a think tank for me. All of the world's problems can be solved while soaking in the tub. True dat!
Floors were swept and mopped, all rugs were washed and carpets vacuumed. I unpacked from my trip, finding lost treasures in my bag, souvenirs of museum visits and charming cafes. My shoes were filed back in order, (although they cannot be contained in one measly closet.)
We went to the grocery store for fruits and vegetables, beans and pita chips. I stocked up on romaine lettuce, lemons, Granny Smith apples and brown sugar.
Wet laundry was strung out on the line and promptly rescued before the rain fell last night. Page's Oil Lilly white skirt I borrowed looked spotless after the sun had bleached it clean. I was folding laundry late into the evening as lightning sporadically lit my little bedroom.
And it's days like these where I am grateful for a little house. Small square footage but lots of charm. A place where both my red and yellow personality can feel at home.

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