The Bells of St.Manita-of-Lakeside

Ok y'all here is the scoop.
My legs are especially shiny in this photo. I bet you could almost see your reflection in my shins. I should charge for that service. I could accumulate some dough and pay for my next voyage to Walla Walla. For the onions of course.
Lucy is the Hottie Pashottie with the Naughty Body (Kirsten Floats!) except that when she reads this description she will be embarrassed because SHE'S AN RM and is wonderfully puritanical. She's way more easy on the eyes than I was when I returned with honor. I was so bloated that marshmallows were envious.
Speaking of envious, those A-dora-ble chickadees are the widely-known Claire and Jane who are christened Toad and Manita around these parts. Um, they are dressed in my green and pink camisoles from Target. I try to get them to wear other pieces from my dress-up collection but they always prefer the Target (it's the lace.)
Only moments before this photo op, I had inadvertently sprayed Jane in the eyes with OFF. I was a tad high anx because of the girl's allergies to mosquito bites. Jane started screaming and running around blinded, like toy train on high speed,
"It just hurts SO bad!"
She wailed.
Chup came dashing outside, scooped Jane in his arms, and put her in the tub where her eyes were repeatedly washed out with warm water.
And it's a good thing too. I discovered that Manita had smuggled some of my best red lipstick in her underwear. She was planning on taking it home to Umi's house to try on Ollie no doubt.

Chup put a World Time gizmo on our computer so that he would know what time it was, wherever I was, abroad. It rings bells like Notre Dame on the quarter, half, three-quarter (what do we call that one?) and hour. It's a little spooky because oft times when it starts ringing I wonder where it's coming from because Southwest Provo doesn't boast a big Catholic Cathedral. Although it does boast The Great Stake with a sign out front that equally welcomes missionaries home whislt announcing the shake o' the month,
"Welcome Home Tallin Green
Fresh Peaches Shake
Must Have To Cool Off!"
Cool off is such a good idea these days. Last night was so hot that I started hallucinating. I thought I saw on the news that Ken Lay died of a heart attack! Super crazy! And anyway I was drinking fluids but felt parched ever more. Finally I collapsed on my leather sofa and stared at the ceiling,
"Why me oh Moses?"
I said as I watched my toes start to wilt.
Then when I was almost to the great beyond, having spent all my physical resources in trying to take breath in the heat, a shadow appeared. He picked me up and took me to my bed where he had rigged something with a fan, a window and frozen peanuts. Suddenly I felt cool and I could see salvation.
The shadow saved me.
I am so glad I married him 4 years ago upon this very day.

Uh-oh bells are ringing, time to pray.

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