Taking Notice: Layton and I Viewed The Da Vinci Code Today. Then We Walked to West Minister To Make Sure It Was All True. Guess What? It is!

A Notice I Think I Saw Somewhere In Soho Today:
Because of all of the monies caught up in disclaiming the Da Vinci Code we are no longer able to have services held here daily as per the posted schedule. Also, due to the mission stated above this church can no longer afford candles, incense and prayer books. If you are here to see our grandiose Byzantine collection please note that it has been auctioned and sold to the masses at Sothebys, the profits of course going to our newly built vast library dedicated to proving that the Devil and Dan Brown are one in the same. Should you need to pray or confess, try Saint Paul's they've tons of cash.
Down with The Da Vinci Code and all Draconian Devils!
Thank you

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