Oui c'est vrai!

Wandering around Passy last night proved to be perfect. We had dinner at The Gare which is an old train station converted to a swanky restaurant. I had the tuna with a side of green apple relish, Layton the yellow fish with curry and for Vance, the pollak. Vance was smart enough to get the suggestion from a group of well-dressed Parisians walking down the little cobblestone pedestrian paths.
"Follow us!"
They said.
We did. Passy is lovely because turning everywhich way are European townhouses with petite balconies covered with geraniums. Bright pink and deep reds. Geraniums are my very favorite. I had Wendy put a garden of them on my cake when I was sealed to Chup.
Oh Chup.
I miss him so
Above the townhouses glows the Tour Eiffel and below it, the slow-moving, green Seine.

When you go to the Eiffel Tower with Vance you take les escaliers...that is the STAIRS...mes amies. I was DYING. At about stair 345 a huge black man, coming down, stopped me and gave me a hug.
"You caaan doooo eeet!"
Vance could probably make to the summit of the Tour in about 5 minutes (if you don't believe me, read this.) We made it to the second platform and found out that the rest of the Tour was closed (phew! pour moi!) Vance and I have been to the top before, but we wanted Layton to have the experience. But ah well, he's young, and this is his 3rd time to Europe.
You can't have it all.
Paris is beautiful. I love to identify all the sprouting domes and glowing palaces. I sent a whisper in the wind off the Tour, across the ocean, the mountains and continents to a certain someone whom I love.
Oh how I love him!
To congratulate myself for the climb of my life I had Vance buy me a crepe nutella and an orange Fanta.
We wandered the streets for awhile and missed the last metro back to La Defense.
The taxi driver that took us home was playing Zombie by the Cranberries.
Moi, J'aime ca beaucoup.

France just beat Spain in the World Cup, there is celebrating on the streets, and although I was cheering for Spain, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

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