It'll Be A Hot One In The Old Town Tonight!

Today I sought, quite earnestly , to find the St.Mary-Le-Bow church and in the process (please say like this: proooocess) dragged Vance and Layton the better part of The City. But isn't so climatic when, in the motions of finding the little piece of real estate that has captivated your curiosity, you find something like The Monument (which Wren erected as a tribute to The Fire of 1660 which gave him gainful employment)? And because it wasn't like the Statue of Liberty, (which before visiting I had envisioned being 1,805 stories high, only to be disappointed because it's quite small, really) The Monument's 202 feet was more than sufficient. Incidently, 202 feet is the length from the tower to where the fire started on Pudding Lane.

So see, we all benefit from a town fire now and then.

Now, back to watching the World Cup...this is my trade-off with Layton for asking one too many questions to the Clergyman at St. Olave's church this morning and...Oh...making him identify Pagan symbols on the looming Freemasons Hall on Great Queen Street and...Oh...for laughing and laughing and laughing at him when he fell asleep on the tube and collapsed on the lap on the gypsy lady next to him.

Go Argentina!

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