Day One Of ME

Lately I've been quite shy around Chupa. If he looks at me for more than 2 seconds I think I am going to turn into butter, melt, and spill myself all over the carpet. I keep wondering how a nerd like me is living with a beau like him. What is this? Am I falling in love? Again?
Yesterday he bought me grapefruit lotion and charcoal eyeliner. He took me to see X Men and when I was so bored of the ridiculousness of Ian McClellan in a space helmet he rubbed my back to help me endure. He waters my geraniums every night without fail.
A couple years back my niece/daughter Claire fell into an obsession about baby birds. Every enclosed space available became her nest. She particularly loved a perfect, circular-sized indentation on my parent's front lawn, she would sink into it and proclaim, "Dis is my wittle nest." Her bird fantasies spoke to me, as one who already doesn't leave her nest eagerly. One who loves her nest maybe because...probably because...overwhelmingly because she shares it with a fine man-bird who not only brings home the worms, but keeps me cozy at night.

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