Day 9 of ME: Ambitions

"I want to be just like you when I grow up."
A voice said as I was checking out gaudy earrings at Target.
I turned around to see my niece Emma standing there, watching my every move.
I felt adventurous enough to leave my spot on the couch for a caper with Page, six kids, plus the neighbor kid who talks really loud, at Target.
"Well, if you want to be just like me when you grow up then I must give you some training."
With that decided, I took her hand and marched swiftly to the chocolate aisle where she picked out peanut butter Choxie chocolate truffles.
"Well done!" I said in my coach-like voice.
Later when dinner was over Page gave me the responsibility of taking Baby Vivian fresh out of the tub,
where she kicked her tiny tubby legs as if she were doing the breast stroke in a spasm contest. I wrapped her tight in terry cloth and kissed her baby soap-smelling head. In the nursery there was apricot oil and a pink nightgown waiting. Her eyes would get really big as I would sing to her, making sure the oil touched all of her toes. When she was all moisturized, baby-hair parted and pretty in pink, I rocked her in the rocking chair and hummed.

I am still sure.

This is what I want to be when I grow up.

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