Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Day 6 of ME: The Devil's Date

Hubsabubs! It's the date that will go down in infamy! 060606 or in other mathematical terms 666 or in otherwords Beelzebub's birthday.
Note to self: Don't conceive today. Baby will have tail. Perhaps horns.
To ward off any evil that might intrude my otherwise fantastic 19 Days of ME I am going to follow up on the request do to that list of 7's. But instead, to honor this date, I am doing 6's. Devil may care!

Um. I forgot the categories...hold on...while I am looking...the above picture is of me in my 19 Days of ME office...you likey? Yep. That is pretty much where I spend most of my day...it's where I am when you call me and I don't answer my phone...oh yes, here are the categories! Right under my nose...

Things I want to do before I die:
1. Be a mother
2. Cruise the Mediterranean
3. Become better at making lists like this one
4. It's a secret (hint= has something to do with Celine Dion)
5. Have a functioning digestive system
6. Crack that elusive DA VINCI CODE!

Things I cannot do:
1. Um. Do we have to dwell on the negative around here? So rude unto me! (see down)
2. Grow my hair past my bra line
3. Sing. Stay on pitch. Sing and/or stay in tune
4. Read Church fiction
5. Hear advice
6. Say no to travel opportunities

Things that attracted me to my spouse:
1. He ate at Thai Chili Gardens
2. He had a deep voice like Barry White
3. This list making is really hard for me. I am sweating
4. He was mature (unlike the Cases I had dated in the past)
5. His name
6. He stands up when a lady enters the room

Things I say often:
1. No, no sheeps.
2. That hurt my feelings
3. That causes trust issues
4. You are so rude unto me
5. Guess what?
6. I HATE your life

Books I am currently reading/ on my reading queue:
1. Book of Mormon (loving the dancing Lamanite women right now)
2. Charlotte Grey
3. The Birth of Venus
4. Fasting and Eating For Health
5. DK Top Ten Paris
6. DK Top Ten London

Also on list: Will in the World and The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Movies I could watch over and over:
1. The Sound of Freakin' Music
2. Elizabeth
3. Gone With The Wind
4. About A Boy
5. Amelie
6. Room With A View

People I would like to see do a list like this only better
1. This is me
2. Emily YESssssssSSS!
3. Soeur Jewels
4. Cardine
5. Hey! Jude!

6. MY FABULOUS SISTER NIE (if I did it, you can too, I am so serious, it only hurts a little at first.)

P.S. Don't tell Chup but I think I am falling hard and fast for Freddie Mercury. Two stumbling blocks: he's gay and dead. But anyway, I think--no--I am sure he wrote Body Language for me.

Oh my grape jelly! The Devil made me say that!

But it is true. And just for fun, try sending me links of your favorite Googled Freddie Mercury photo. The man was HOTTTTtttT!