Day 5 of ME: Warning! There Is No Connection With Picture And Post

Let's see...what is today? Monday? Thursday? Did I go to church yesterday or the day before that? Time is of nothing. I am free of schedules and comprimises. And yet, I don't really know what that means.
So if church was yesterday then that means I taught the YW about being a good example. Not a perfect example, I reminded them, a good example. When you are a good example people name their babies after you like my sister did to me. My niece Jane Bronwyn is so, so, so luscious. One time Stephanie asked her,
"Jane what is your name?"
And Jane replied.
"Jane Brownone"
Then Jane started crying, so Steph said,
"Why are you crying?"
And Jane sobbed,
"Because I want to be Jane Blackone."
Luscious right?
So I think I just admitted above to being a good example. In my lesson I told the YW about a time when I was a senior in high school and did all sorts of not very examplerific things. (Ok Chupa is going to read this and say, "It's exemplary. Why do you feel the need to make up your own words?" I don't know Chup why don't you call your fancy BYU professors and ask them the origins of such things. And touché, by-the-way.)
When talking with the YW I like to recall what it was like when I was their age. Let's see...what year is it? I burned my bra in front of the whole school at the Homecoming bonfire and watched some Freshman boys pick up the charred underwires and pocketed them (which ended that tradition pretty fast), I designated one week of school "Ear Week" to make fun of this dumbo-eared jock who was really mean to me just to retaliate (people were coming to school with paper ears pinned to their backpacks). Later in the year I was suspended for a week for cheating the school attendance policy for most of the year (me along with my 20 closest friends.)
Also: I got in a very, very loud and evil shouting fight with my assistant principal at a school dance. Oooooh boy his snake eyes were on me the whole year.
And through it all, my parents supported me 100%. I think burning my bra makes my Dad more proud than any other action of his other children (sorry other children reading this) I think he tells the story over legislative dinners and IHC board luncheons. Second to that, is my marrying Chup who can magically fix things like DVD players and car brake lights. When I was supposed to be suspended my dad fought it and didn't sign any papers until spring break which meant that I had 2 weeks of spring break! My mom took me shopping and we got manicures.
Now I am just bragging.
Bragging is not setting a good example.
Well, I'm off don't know really...maybe sip popsicles and dip my feet in our plastic pool.

Oops. Bragging again.

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