Day 15 of ME

It was so cold yesterday. I woke up with my toes numb. I poked them in places on Chup's side of the bed to get blood to them. Chup is a human heater. When my attempts failed I decided to get up.
I wandered around the house for awhile checking all of my flowers in vases. Everyday I go outside to find roses on bushes that were born overnight. It's fertile on my side of the town. My lot used to be alfalfa fields. Now it's a Ralph and Duchess digging ground. Big holes in sporadic places drive Chup to drink after he tries to mow.

Canker sores have invaded the roof of my mouth. They set up camp last week and started having revival meetings everynight. I wake up to a dry mouth and a roof full of new Canker babies. I had Chup take a picture so that I could see their homestead. It hurts. I will not lie.

I went with Chup to an audition in Salt Lake. He dropped me off at the library downtown. I like to look at the art shops and smell the cafe coffees and find a little spot to read the Book of Mormon. Yesterday I had a fascination with Louis XIV and the storming of the bastille. Neither occurred in the Book of Mormon, but events were similar in both civilizations. Luckily I had my Paris timeline chart for reference (always on hand...)
Walking out of the library I was approached by a young girl still attached to her father's hand,

"I like your skirt and shoes!"
she said most enthusiastically.

"Oh! Thank you!"
I sang back.

It made my day.

Chup took me to Anthropologie. He likes to see my eyes light up when I come face to face with something so divine that it must come home with me. I found an apron which stimulated that reaction. He bought it and denied the cashier when she asked,

"Shall I box this up?"

"No. I am sure she will wear it right now."

And I did.

I eat a Cafe Rio salad everyday--that is--until I go to Europe next week. Chupa calls it my human dog food. One salad will last me all day. We see the same people there for lunch,

"Hello William! Try the tacos!"

It's nice to be a regular.

I came home to have a picnic of words in the sun. My toes thanked the sunshine for stimulation. The temperature was perfect and it wasn't long until I fell asleep. Later I went to the temple with my friends. We talked about husbands and awkward pregnancy bodies and delayed education.

When I came home Chup danced with me in his newly cleaned room. I can't remember what song it was, but he sang it in my ear.

Did I mention that he had a du-rag on his head?

Well, he did.

P.S. I find this very funny cause it's true.

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