Teacher's Review

Let's get some things straight.
I never brag.
Humility oozes out of me like goobers from a conjunctivited eye.
(That will be my last reference to that situation and amen.)

There are some things I don't mind telling the truth about.
(Hats and sunglasses look nice on me.)
If you want to know others, ask Nie because I tell them to her all the time.
Not all the time.
But some of it.
Otherwise, I don't waste me space in this universe.
But Holy Smacks! When I got this e-mail today from one of my students, (this being my last week of teaching for the year) I had to share it with the UNIVERSE!

Mrs. K,
Yo! What up? It's me your favorite student in the whole world ever! ever! ever! I guess this is the end! I learned soooooo much this year with you... But I am sorry to say this, but good bye!
I loved the different launguages we learned our spelling words! It was awwesome! There is nothing I didn't like about this wonderful year! My favorite subject was everything! although I didn't act like it somtimes, I want you to know I really enjoyed it!
Next year I really don't care what we do! As long as I can be here for half an hour four days a week!
You will always be one of my most remembered teachers when I go to middle school and high school and college...(if I get there!)
Love / Always,

And this coming from that student. The one that made me swear under my breath, lo even that word at times. The student I sent back to class, crying, on her birthday, for being just a little too:

It's my party I can talk back if I want to, talk back if I want to,

You know the rest...

Not a week went by when there wasn't some sort of run-in, mishap or tantrum. Just today she walked in to my class and said, "Well, hello Mrs. Laura Ingalls" because my shirt was just "too pioneer" for her tastes (namely anything pink and sparkly.)
When she doesn't like something I say she'll shoot snake eyes across the table at me. I mean, she is the Nellie to my Laura, in the vein of Little House of the Prairie metaphors.
(on the Prairie? Too tired to google at the moment.)
Kentucky will tell me, she watches every Sunday. DVD set. That's what.

I am going to miss that Nellie.
Funny how that goes.

Ok and so while I am at it:
Mrs. K is a wonderful person and teacher. I'm glad to have her as a friend with her wonderful sense of humor. I liked everything. My favorite subject is writing. This class has shown that to me.I would like to do this again. To the detail.-5th grade boy

To the detail! Does that include all the times I would break into an operetta such as:
Stop Your Talking!
Stop Your Talking!
Stop iiiiiit right now!
(Sung to the Hallelujah chorus, thank you Mr. Handel. By-the-way, can you imagine the acoustics on the stage where I teach? Phenomenal! Sometimes I could actually see admiration in my student's eyes! Tears even!)

The only thing I did not like was when Mrs. K tried to sing oprah.
-4th grade girl

Well, one less thing to brag about.

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