Read On About Why I Couldn't Cuddle With Vivian Yesterday

My Oh! Abandoned Blog! How I have missed you! Let us get reacquainted.
I am Cjane.
Here are the goods and bads of my weekend.

Good: On the second day of camping with 60 kids in the middle of the desert, I received a gift from Ollie my hard-working toddler nephew.

Pink eye.

(Ollie had pink eye when we were in AZ but I didn't let a little contagious conjunctivitis stop my affection!)

There I was hiking Wild Horse Canyon- a slot canyon- wind blowing through those narrows attracting red dust to the ever-forming goobers on my eyes. You got it. I said eye(s). Both of them. In the mornings when it was too early and so cold I'd awake to my eyes boogered shut. I would have to fumble around in my gear for a wet wipe. One of my friends took a picture of me doing it. Can you believe it! She just snapped a photo of me because I was temporarily blind. Talk about kicking somebody when they are down! Seriously!

It worked to my advantage let me tell you! I got out of all sorts of stuff. And they gave me 2 lunches everyday because "It's best to feed a pink eye rather than starve it." Whatever that means, right? Right?

Bad: The porta potties made me dry heave once. We took all the kids on the bus down to the porta potty station every morning. I made the mistake of using one. After I was finished I started running to the bus when the image of the porta potty build-up came flashing into my mind. I stopped dead in my tracks and started violently heaving. I was not trying to cause drama. Really! Just me with my pink eyes dry heaving in front of the bus carrying 60 students. I was the last one to head for the bus and I think everyone was watching me in anticipation. When I regained my composure I walked slowly to the bus door. That is when the bus driver said, "You aren't getting on my bus until you are sure you won't lose it all over my seats and aisle."

Here is what I learned: Bus drivers are NOT sympathetic.

Good: When I got home from 4 days in the desert I was stoked to see the Professor. I ran into the house and called his name. He came running down our hallway. We embraced. He picked me up and twirled me around like in them movies. I took off my sunglasses. He saw that I was Quasimodo. He put me down. He felt sorry for me. He didn't want any further physical contact. Instead he took me to Thai Chili Gardens for dinner. I love that curry!

Bad: Due to my pink eyes, I couldn't snuggle my newest niece Vivian at Easter dinner yesterday. What a perfect peanut snack that one! My fingers were itching to hold her, and at the same time, my eyes were itching for more drops. What a conundrum!

To be sure. I ate 26 asparagus' yesterday. One thing you may not know about me is that I love, LOVE, LOVE the smell of asparagus urine. I think I am good for a whole month!

Good: When Grandma came to dinner yesterday I discovered that we had purchased the same shirt. As a matter of fact, we each had purchased 2 of the same shirts (because they were cheap and lovely! Cheap and lovely!) I have white and blue, she has pink and green.

Think for a moment. My 85 year-old grandmother and I when to the same store, were attracted by the same shirt, and both bought 2 in differing colors. The good news about this is that my Grandma is a sassy pants. It means ultimately, that I've got style.

Thinking now. I should've purchased the pink one she has...

you know, to match my eyes.

P.S. HAppY BiRtHdAy CouNcIL WoMAn!

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