Poppy Farm Far Away

Today should be wonderful.
It's Friday and I am testing First Graders.
It's true, I have fallen in love with First Graders.

I will be telling them something and their tooth will fall out!
Then it's a big to do!
A mini celebration.
A little rite of passage.

I have recurring dreams of my teeth falling out.
Once a month or so.
I wake up in a panic.

Watching them wiggle their teeth with their tongue
as I read stories and ask them questions
has made me come to terms
with losing my teeth.

Should that nightmare ever come true
I'll put my teeth under my pillow
and dream of big bucks
so that I can buy a poppy farm

somewhere in between San Francisco
and Dana Point California.
I shall call it, in honor of those little friends
The First Grade Poppy Farm.

Oh do please come and visit!

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