Look WHO got WHAT for her birthday

I went up to see my old lady and give her a darling flower pillow for her birthday last night. Would you believe that she received, as a sincere gift from someone, the shirt? That makes 3 generations wearing the Rosa Mama's collection. We are going to wear them together at family picnics and peach festivals and tulip trots.
(My dad took this picture. It's a little fuzzy. Okay, blurry. But my dad is such a cowboy I am not going to mention it.)
Mom is really good at getting gifts. She makes you feel like you bought her some real estate on the upper west side of Manhattan. If you get her something colorful, she likes to discuss the proper name and species of that color.
It's a sea moss I think...
...maybe more like kryptonic algae on still waters.
I arrived home from my mother's late. (Lisa, if you are listening...Oh Judy! that cake! It was so dank and delicious in everyway! The frosting was from heaven's bakery. CK had a piece bigger than my head, slightly smaller than a watermelon!) I decided that the last 72 hours of fumbling around my house, tripping over luggage from the random trips I've taken lately, needed to end. So I cleaned.
And cleaned.
And cleaned into the wee hours of the morning.
CK cleaned too.
His room.
His room swallows things whole and you won't find them my friend until 6 months later - or more. (We've lost Duchess before, but it was more like RELIEF!)
I've lost all sorts of stuff in his room. (MY MIND!!!!)
He is a collector of sorts. Sorts of stuff.
Big step though, yesterday he let 8 t-shirts from his very special t-shirt collection go the way of the waste receptacle.
Jazz hands for the Professor for shizzy!
Anyway, we pumped up the music really loud until it shook my bones of apathy. CK occasionally went outside to listen if our tunes were waking up the neighbors. I had to remind him that Lyle's heart machine monitor is so loud that he would sleep through World War III should it happen in Provo (likely.)
Do you know how much I love Galvanized by the Chemical Brothers? What is that instrument? An electronic violin? Maybe I should know because I did play the viola for about 3 months in 6 grade. My mom bought me pink shoes for my first concert.
Thinking now. Were they pink...?
...maybe soft coral next to Indian paint brush in the west desert.

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