A Letter To A Fellow Free-Lancer

Dear Jed,
You make great pasta. Even without these items that will follow:

It did not hurt my feelings when you said,
"I could've make a killer creamy red sauce!"
Did you say "killer?" I can't remember now.

Well, even if you didn't make amazing pasta, you make these things that will follow:
You make cute kids.
You make Jayne happy.
You make my husband want really expensive cameras.
And, you make me blush when you say that my blog looks nice.
(If you could only make a lot of money...)
When we got home from your house last night, I wrote myself a note.
Where is it?
It's not in the messy drawer.
Hmmmm. Let's see here.
It's not in CK's room.
Even if it was it would be a lost cause.
(His room ate my friend Zoe just this morning!)
RIP ZOE! We had such good times....
No, not there.
(Dust bunnies.)
I'll just check the messy drawer one more time.
Note to self:
Invite yourself over to Jed & Jayne's for dinner again soon.
P.S. Ask Jed to hide all expensive camera stuff before your visit. For The Prof's sake.
How's next Thursday? Go ahead and make your (enter adjective) sauce.
Your Outstanding Uber-cousin By Marriage
P.S. Recipes for pasta sauce anyone?

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