Eric D. Snider Makes Guest Appearance

Eric came down to Provo to schmooze with his "peeps" which was his word, not mine.

(Alright, so I use that word on occasion as well, and not only at Easter.)

Eric made an appearance (and spontaneously played a Primary song on the piano forte) at Miles's baptism tonight. Miles is my genius nephew and he's so dang cute and funny. He told the crowd that he likes to "doodle" in his journal.

One day Miles will read his journal entry on his 8th birthday, and among his doodling, he'll remember how Uncle Eric drove 11 hours to be there on his special night.

Eric was also there because he is married to my sister-in-law Lisa who is married to my brother Christopher.


I don't know! You figure it out!

At the after-party The Prof popped like 12 cream puffs while talking to Eric about somethingorother. I think Lisa serves bite sized cream puffs at all of her parties because they like to watch The Prof lose control, binge, and purge in a matter of an hour.

When Lisa makes them homemade it's more like a half of an hour. Lisa was laughing before she even put the things on the buffet tonight.

Anyway, when it was time to leave I said to Eric,

"Bye Eric. Drive safe back to Oregon."

To which he responded,

"Yeah, I don't like people telling me what to do."

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