Seasons Wait For Your Nod

Loneliness is having a strange affect on me. For instance, tonight I went to bed at 7 only to wake up two hours later with a hankering for hearty oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I got up, turned on Feist and started "creaming together the butter and sugars."

In between batches I have been looking at photos taken by my Photog. He is so talented. Makes me miss him all the more.

(I wonder if Yoko Ono sits in her bedroom at night replaying John's albums.)

If you don't mind, I'd like to share some of his pictures from last Spring with you:

My Amaryllis from Christmas blooms (in the front room.)

My front porch bench starts to be used again (by Lucy, Page and Yours Truly.)

The bees and the grape hyacinths (get busy.)

The return of the sun and shadows (can you see the Photog?)

Spring facials (at Aunt Courtney's house.)

There. Now I feel a little better.

Gotta go, the cookies are done...

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