Announcing My New Cookie Shop

Ms. March was doing her thing today. She was pushing me all around with her wind this afternoon while the dogs took me for a walk. It reminded me of being on a bus in Quebec city, looking out the window at a woman who was hanging on to a light post, while the wind blew her horizontally. She was wearing a mint green dress, her feet were doing the do-si-doe in the air. Excuse me, that story is so funny when it's replayed in my mind. At the time I was worried about her, now it's so funny, that excuse me, it's so funny. Horizontally!
I think March thinks it's her job to blow the Winter out of us. Today she succeeded with me.
I went to dinner at 3:30. In my mind dinner should be from 3:30-4 because that is when I am the hungriest. You know what? Rural America decided that dinner should be at 6 because that is when the menfolk walked in the door, wiped the cow manure off their elbows, and insisted on grub. Excuse me, I don't own a goat so I'll just take my dinner at 3:45. It was really my dad's idea. I called to talk to mom and he said "We'll pick you up for dinner at 3:30." Now that is my kind of dad. No dung on his forearms!
I love dining out with The Council Woman and The State Representative. We have great conversations. Today, sitting around post-meal, I was reminded that we were all buddies up in heaven at one point. We might've agreed to "do this sort of thing on earth" and "after Cafe Rio is invented." There was a lot of jazz hands going on when we found out that earth would contain Rio. (horizontal jazz hands?) Many of us Utahans agreed to endure the harsh climate if we could live in the state where Rio would be invented.
These statements have not been approved by anybody.
We were there for awhile, only Travis wasn't around to fetch my joe, so I started chewing on my ice. (You know what that means people...and I am not going to deny it!) We chatted for so long in fact, that some people got through the entire line in the time that we were there! Miracles of miracles! (horizontal miracles?)
I love my parents so much, that when they took me home I shared my chunky chocolate-oat-cookies with them. They are so sweet and tell me that everything I do is divine. These cookies! Daughter! An edible taste of joy! You should start a shop! (And then the biggest compliment of all) Almost as good as Stephanie's!
It was after that I took the dogs to the lake and was shoved to and fro by that bossy Ms. March. I felt a little like Lt. Dan in Forrest Grump. I just hollered back at the wind. Come and get me! I yelled. I have parents who love me! I have a husband who misses me! Galamorous got me this for my birthday! I'm no lightweight!

Some days, life is just too beautiful.

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