My White Blood Cell Count

Yesterday was one of those low self-esteem days. No, it wasn't my students. Actually, they were all very nice, despite the fact that my nose was rather red and swollen because of the ample blowing with a lesser-quality tissue, they said "You look cute today, we like your hair." Good thing cause I really need a haircut. Like badly.
No, I really couldn't tell you what it was with yesterday. Sure I've got a little cold due to the whirlwind of stress I felt last week causing a shortage in my white blood cell count. And yes, my self-worth dates my health and when they are on the rocks it's not good. The equation for me is health + husband's health = happiness.
When I got home from school Christopher had Puffs With Lotion waiting to appease my injured nose. Being treated in like manner, I should've had a big helping of self-esteem. I should've, but I didn't. Some days you just feel dopey.
After eating some toast, drinking Apple juice and watching lots of bad T.V. I gave up trying to repair myself and decided on bed. That is when a most fortunate phone call came in from my mostest bestest friendest in the whole wide county. We talked for 52 minutes and she said all sorts of lovely things. Ultimately she's my go-to gal on days like yesterday, because over 28 years she just knows what to say. I am glad she listened to that quiet, little voice that said "Call your friend -the Puffs With Lotion didn't work."

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