It's Just Going To Get Worse From Here On Out...

The Pirate was collected today.

It happened shortly after noon. I was in my room when I heard a big van roll up to the house. Christopher came running in, red faced and yelling,

"They're here!"

He jumped on the bed, pulling my head against his.


What was I supposed to do at that point?

I need the money.

So I walked him to the door, kissed him (like a sturdy girl should) and waved incessantly until that van was out of sight.

Then I fell to the floor in a big heap and wept bitterly.

You may as well know that I have, in the course of becoming a blogger, taken some hearty teasing about how attached I am to my spouse. But it's true. I am a husband's girl (this being a play-off of the flirty phrase "Daddy's Girl!") Look, I can't help it -I just really like that guy. He can wear the same clothes for like 20 days in a row and I think he's the freshest guy around. I am telling you, he is Grade A Grandma K's Potato Salad Dynamite! (Say that three times fast!)

And if you've never had Grandma K's potato salad then, love me, and trust me enough to know that it is no terrestial lumpy pass-by at the ward barbecue. This salad stimulates multiple helpings.

And let this be a lesson to you, and you. As long as my husband is off in the middle of a desert shooting a movie it will be impossible for me to make any sort of sense on my posts. Reason being, when he leaves me, half of my soul wanders around, limpy-like, looking for that other soul that lives here, who eats chips and salsa while playing with flashlights, wears the same clothes for days on end and tucks me in after I have fallen asleep.

Ohh I've got a bad case of limpy soul tonight! And how it smarts!

Anyway. Enjoy! He'll be gone for approx. 16 days.

P.S. Page read my blog the other night for the first time in awhile. She sent me a message. "Is The Chuch a character from that Homestar Runner website that my boys are always trying to get me to see?"

Page, in 5 months from now when you read my blog again you will get your answer:
The Chuch is my dog. Perhaps you were thinking of The Cheat who messed up the jungle caper. Easy to confuse.

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