Thou Saith, Tis True

Christopher's new year resolution should be "I will stop out-doing my wife" rather than his scribbled down thoughtless resolution of the last three years "I will drink less soda pop."
I refer to my holiday hut in which I have taken the greatest pleasure over the last two weeks or so. It was supposed to be just a vacational sort of thing. But I have taken to most enjoying this little time I have to get cozy and watch a good film, or two.
Last night CK rented me some more movies for the viewing, but he didn't stop there. Whilst I was cleaning my room, he bull dozed my hut and replaced it with a MANSION, in the form of a tent.
Upon the entering thus tent, I found my fav-o-rite space heater and my Anthropologie quilt awaiting my company. And when I remarked upon the foul tent smell (tents are so smelly you know) there was a spray of pumpkin spice to warm my nostrils.
I started the film after Christopher had completed his FHE lesson (in the tent). Usually I talk through his entire presentation because I can't have him out-doing my lesson from the previous week. But he always gets out the Mormon Doctrine and slays me with his doctrinal intentions. Last night I imagined having a large piece of duck tape wrapped around my head and mouth so that I could guard my two cents worth. I think Christopher appreciated this.
But also, it's chocolate chip cookies! My family prefers his batch to my own, 10-0. And sometimes I am suspicious if that ratio is not the same for his company. When I walk in the door to any of my family's homes I see the look of disappointment if I am solo. One niece will stand at the window as if she could will his silhouette out of the darkness. Such denial!
So, Christopher, if you read this. Stop. Now. I can't take it anymore. What good am I when the world hath you?

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