Starting Over and Getting It Right

I think I take the New Year too seriously. I was frantically stuffing Fritos in my mouth and swallowing before 11:59pm. I believe, somewhere in layers of consciousness, that when the New Year has begun I am working off of a blank slate. No repentance or baptism necessary -just a blow of a noise maker and a sip of Cold Duck, and Voila! I am a new person, entering a new year.

Don't get me wrong, I like to believe in that sort of magic. Beginnings and Endings are what keep me sane. A new day, week, month or a change of hour can stimulate me into proving myself anew. Every time I get in the shower, I emerge with a sense of empowerment. Now that I am clean I am not going to think negative thoughts about why people involve themselves in multi-level marketing, for example.

Prayer will often times do the trick just as well. An emotional prayer offered mid-day, allows myself to start over and get closer to right. Also, a long walk with my dogs or a nap will do. Saying "I'm Sorry" has the same affect. As does drinking a lot of water over a short period of time.

In writing all of this, I am realizing that I should be taking the New Year a little less seriously. It's just one of the many times I can give myself a reason to start over. When I do slip up and say that one swear word that I promised myself that I wouldn't say in 2006, I don't have to wait until 2007 to try again. This year I resolve to celebrate the little Beginning and Endings, the News, that come all the time.

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