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Yesterday Mom swore.

Swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and her city. I can't really remember what else she promised with her hand to the square because I was just hoping that the cameras were getting my good side as I stood on the podium with her. If I am lucky, I will be seen playing on the loops of the big inauguration on channel 17, (that is me, standing behind my mom and looking supportive.) At one point I think I even cocked my head to the side, smiled, and heaved a slight sigh.

Now the masses will come to know her as a councilwoman, a sage for unto all. But to me, she's my homey. Tonight we ordered out Thai food and watched every minute of the Rose Bowl. Her side of the family had what you might call "old money" and they graduated from USC, and then went on to own big time houses in that part of the country. So really, Utah is lucky that a woman of my mother's blood and ancestry is around in these parts. Cheering for the Cougars when she is clearly part Trojan! My goodness!

Actually, she did miss half time because she took a call from a constituent with a list of concerns. Where my phone anxiety came from (did you know that I don't answer my phone?) I don't know, but I can't blame it on my mother. And really, if you can't blame your most agitating faults on your parents then where else do you have to look? And that, is a good question.

Mom spent a good twenty minutes on the phone with this concerned man (Good gravy fellow! She's only been in office for a day and a pillow sack's worth of minutes! Lend her some peace!) Mom was on fire though, she short-handed the WHOLE conversation.

Definition: I am not SO sure but I think short-hand is a method that women, with beehive hair swirls and major push-up bras used to took notes in school, or as secretaries, in ancient times.

(Oh boy am I going to be in trouble for typing that!)

Mom is going to get more and more busy, I am so sure. I have seen it happen to Dad. People want him on all sorts of committees and boards and whatnot. I asked him if he wanted to be on the board of directors for my blog, and he was like "What's a blog?"
See? Point proven!
But I will always be your special constituent.
Right, Mom?

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