Snap Snap

Dear Miss I Am Going To SUU Next Year Snap, Snap,

So I read your interesting post on modesty. I think it might've been an inadvertant way of saying that I perhaps was one of those leaders you talked about in this quote:
But you could be wearing a really cute top, but if you are sitting next to a
girl at mutual who has a long shirt on, you will be ignored because your leaders
will only compliment those with the boring shirts that go down to their knees.

Were you talking about me? Because here is a little secret, I have problems with it all too. I bought the long camisoles to cover the vast space between my shirt and my pants. I can't find a pair of decent jeans that don't beg for a little crack when I bend over to plug in my laptop at work. A couple of years ago, when I went to a black-tie movie premiere in Jackson, Mississippi I couldn't find a unique, modest, formal to save my life. TO SAVE MY PRECIOUS LIFE!!!

Plus I am in that special age, where you will be someday soon, (I am not that much older than you, my deary) where I am not sure HOW I am supposed to be dressing. Linen pants aren't screaming my name, and at the present moment I am a slave to knee high boots. A SLAVE I TELL YOU!!!

I think the important thing is that we are trying, right? You and me and Zella, we're all trying. I guess the best we can do is be modestly creative. For example, Shanequa sent this photo to me tonight:

What you are viewing is a cell phonto of Shanequa wearing Dorothy shoes, and LaToya wearing vans. Shanequa could be wearing burmuda shorts and a shirt down to her calves, but good gravy...she is wearing DOROTHY SHOES!!!

And, by-the-way, to show you I care, I did some of my own research and bought these extra long t's at a magical place which is called, The Magical Place Called Target Where Dreams Come True On Every Aisle. $10 bucks each, no bank-breaking, undershirt-parties, goofy-named-companies-that-your-high-school-friend-started, here. Allow me to model:

Goofy poses, but gravy, those shirts! Modest to the T!


Sistah K

P.S. No you may not take these with you to SUU next year, so DON'T ASK!!!

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