On Lego and Bajio

The 7 kids and I went to church yesterday. It was most wonderful being back in my home stake. I remembered how we've got loads of rich, retired BYU professors who have continued learning and can make comments in Gospel Doctrine that make my little theories look meager. It's brilliant.
In Sunday School we talked about the things we do that make us co-creators with God. People mentioned running, writing memoirs, finishing that theorem from Palyaxisis (or whoever).
One question:
What do I do that gives God pleasure?
That was the question running through my mind all day yesterday.
It's an easy answer for those with performing talents (piano, singing, acting, running) but for those of us with obscure talents -well, does my flip twist on the trampoline count?
When I got home on Saturday from a delightful afternoon filled with all sorts of chocolate dreams-come-true at Carina's, I found Christopher with four kids in the middle of the living room. In the center of their little pow-wow of sorts, was a dumped-out bucket of one brazillion Lego. Using the Lego (you know it's not Legos -right?) CK had helped them create helicopters, airplanes, super street cars and demolition tanks. The kids sat in awe. One of my nieces Cynnie, has been sleeping with her Lego airplane, and during the day it flies around everywhere she goes. It looked fun enough (me- shrugging my shoulders), so I sat down and tried to build a replica of the Salt Lake Temple, which was pretty good, except there was big time disappointment from the crew when they saw that there was no Moroni on my temple. There is not a Lego Moroni guy -to be sure.
I think my co-creator talent might be cooking. This is not good because I haven't cooked in oh, lets say, five months (thank you Bajio). Which would mean, that it has been awhile since I have felt anything momentous in my life. And well, that sounds about right.
I used to think my thing was writing, but writing is a gift to all humanity really, as long as we aren't picky about properties and grammar. Sure, some people are better at explaining thoughts, or having thoughts. (A good example, of a bad example of that is this paragraph, for example.)
The search is on to find what it is that my God and I do well together. Once I find out, there will no stopping me -to be sure.

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