Friday, January 27, 2006

Doing It Over dot dot dot

From what I have been reading in the news these days, the hip thing is to blog during the Sundance Film Festival. Or do a podcast, or whatever have you will. At the moment I am blogging during a UAGC conference (something about gifted children) that makes me sorta nerdy and somehow sorta cool.
We just finished lunch and how everyone oohhhed and awwwwed when they brought out my grilled vegetable vegetarian plate, while everyone else was eating something rubbery. As far as I can tell it was chicken. Secretly though, I was jealous of their mashed potatoes. The grass is always greener dot dot dot.
This conference hasn't been all grilled vegetables and awkward lunch conversations ("Why are you a vegetarian anyway?" Silence. Ten pairs of eyes staring. Me choking down a hard roll.) I have been dating the whole "back-to-school" concept for quite sometime, but I haven't been able to make a commitment. Pretty soon the idea is going to break-up with me, leaving me wondering what went wrong -was it my excuse that I "just wanted to be friends?" Staging an intervention, this conference has added fuel to that fire, making me think it's time for third base. And we all know what that means dot dot dot.
I would go back to school as a form of repentance for graduating in Psychology the first time. Because what was I thinking? What is society thinking that we should chose our majors, and our professions at a age in life where we can't even chose what party we are going to attend on Friday night?
My mom got it right. Go to school when you are 60, because by then you KNOW that Middle Eastern studies, as interesting as that is, isn't your BYU bookstore bag of tea.
No regrets for me though. I went to UVSC after my mission and had the greatest experience ( I am one of the 5) with professors who openly admitted that they were socialists, unfaithful and confused. Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.
However, for the past 6 years since graduation I've been teaching, in one realm or another, in an elementary school. Psychology, bless it's earnest heart, didn't give me any viable skills -unless you count my uncanny ability to identify people who are OCD. Can I make money telling people that they need to RELAX?
So, for Round 2 what would I do?
Culinary Arts
Art History
Family Counseling
Those are the top three for me.
What about you? Did you get it right the first time? Or, would you go back and do something different?
P.S. In my generalizing sweeping away, I am going to say that most English majors wouldn't change. And that comes from being married to an English major who calls Psychology a "soft science." And that is when he is in the dog house."Thy house stinketh, my good pompous fellow."