I didn't get out of bed until 10. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror for awhile. Looking for any sign of changes. I don't do that often, just when I feel like it.

I wrapped a huge present.
I woke up Christopher.
I got ready.
Christopher got ready.
We drove to Oak Lane.
The door said "come in please"

I was introduced as the girl next door who married an actor. The actor knew people in the room. It was comfortable. For a moment we sat next to the groom in his red striped tie and laughed.
Maybe I laughed too loud?

He said that only moments before he was perusing DI for some black tux shoes and to his astonishment, they were $8 instead of the $1 he was expecting.
What a great day to talk about how pricey DI has become.
Thank heavens nothing felt awkward.
(I am the Queen of Awkwardness!)
And she was beautiful, sweet.

When we got home I decided that I can be better. My house could be more comfortable. My soul more at ease. That is what sincere celebrations do to us, don't they?

They remind us of how lucky we are to be in each other's lives.

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