Sunday, December 4, 2005

RE: The New Phrase

Dear Christopher,
Thank you for the new phrase i.e. peanut snack. In case you have forgotten, you used it to tell me a short story involving a girl kissing her boyfriend in Quebec. It was very early this morning. As far as percentages go, you were about 12% awake. I wanted you to know that I have used this new phrase i.e. peanut snack several times already today in mental conversations. I.E.:

He used to be fat, now he is nothing but a peanut snack.

They used to pay me with peanuts, then I complained and now I get paid peanut snacks.

Stephanie just sent me a picture of Ollie! What a cute little peanut snack!

You make acting looking like a walk in the park with a peanut snack.

(Make sure you say "snack", because if you were to use slip and say "sack" it would be very vulgar.)

Many Hugs, Kisses and Peanut Snacks,
Your Janie