I Must Have Done Something Good (like make a hut)

Every night since my vacation started I have built myself a little hut on the floor, in front of the T.V. and watched a movie. Here are some of the movies I have watched:
The Sound Of Music (I have come to the point where I don't fast forward through "Somewhere In My Youth, Or Childhood, I Must Have Done Something Good")
Forrest Gump (If Jenny dies of AIDS -howcome Forrest and her son are healthy? Maybe I don't understand as well as my high school health class ought to have taught me)
Elizabeth (Joseph Fiennes looks less manly with every viewing)
As Good As It Gets (I don't believe that Helen Hunt would fall for Jack Crazy Nicholson, but maybe because he has the $$$)
Wuthering Heights (Black and White=Boring + Too Many Violins)
I usually end up falling asleep when the movie is over. CK has to wake me up and help me to bed. That makes me really grumpy because, in my sleep induced mind, I'm all I was perfectly fine on the floor, with my head slightly skewed to the left.
My hut is always next to the Christmas tree so that I can see the glow and the pretty balls. When I wake up in the morning I pick pine needles out of my hair. If I am not careful the pine needles scratch my back.
One night I fell asleep watching a Dave Matthew's Concert at Red Rocks, I believe, shortly after the most romantic song in the world, entitled "Crash". It had such an affect on my soul that I dreamt DM and I were making out.
You can imagine how angry I was when CK woke me that time.
He gets so jealous sometimes. Gosh.
Here are some Christmas movies I can't watch:
Christmas Story (The ending makes me feel sad and lonely -eating duck in some Chinese restaurant. Not funny, sad.)
It's A Wonderful Life (I have only seen it once and it made me feel sad and lonely -and I know that makes me sad and lonely)
I do like The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (= funny).
Tonight I may/or may not watch a movie because, fans, it's the PIONEER PURE VISION LAS VEGAS BOWL!
That is right. Tonight the hut will be decorated with the likes of my "Rise and Shout" singing stuffed Cosmo, and my Stripling Warriors Tee (I don't own either).
However, CK, if I DO fall asleep during the game (not likely) don't wake me up because mostly likely I will be making out with Bronco Mendenhall.
Me (singing): Somewhere in my youth
Bronco (interrupting):...or childhood...
Me & Bronco: I must have done something...something...good.


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