Get Your Scrooge On

Since I am not doing Christmas this year I have found other things to focus on. Like for instance, unpacking.
I have taken to shushing my students when they want to sing Christmas songs. But of course, because I teach in public school they are called, "Songs of The Wintry Seasonal Holiday Once Widely Known As Christmas Thank You ACLU" Try shushing an ongoing Christmas carol coming out of the mouth of babes. Quite fun, my friend, quite fun.
My one class of first graders (for which I need more pay on the paycheck, if I want to continue teaching them) wanted to sing Ruldolph the Rednose Reindeer. So I started and failed miserably, mixing up the lines. I ended it like this: "Then how the reindeer loved him/ You'll go down in history!' My first graders looked vastly confused.
It was a testament to me that I am doing the right thing in skipping Yuletide this year.
But back to the things I am doing instead of that holiday. Well, actually, at the moment nothing comes to mind.
I will see how the ward Christmas party goes tonight. Christopher is the narrator. If he does a good job I might feel something. Like Celine Dion sings on her Christmas album (that I just love) "Just open your heart /And the spirit will come to you."
Don't you just love that?
Man! That woman!

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