Because Teachers Have Feelings Too Part 2

Need humility? Be a teacher.
The color is Berry and it's the lipstick of choice for December. I bought it at the dollar store and thus admitted to my husband that dollar store finds sometimes are as quality as, say, the Mac make-up counter. I wear it in the morning, a splash of color to my morning face.
I ran into my fifth graders at the school assembly. Why it felt like everyone in the whole room was listening, I am not sure.
"What are you doing?" One blinking student asked.
"I am going to get a seat before the assembly starts." Searching for a seat.
"No I mean, why are you wearing that lipstick?" More blinking.
"Oh I wear it every morning, it's just that you never see it because you are my last class of the day. By the time I teach you, my lipstick has worn off." Explaining.
"I am glad." Other students nodding.
"Of what?"
"I am glad that when we get to you your lipstick isn't there anymore. It doesn't look that nice on your face." Blinking and nodding.
It's just that I kiss my make-up discerning husband good bye every morning with that lipstick on and he's never said a word. Was it because this lipstick was the ticket to admittance that the dollar store may rock? Did he not say anything because he was proud that I was losing my pride?
I am so confused.../humbled.

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