Hooray For The Pumpkin Pie

It was sometime around 10 o'clock this morning when it hit me "I've got to have pumpkin pie."
It appears I will be somewhere in Belgium on Thanksgiving day, according to my fantastical bro-in-law Vance who is flying me there so that I can play au pair to my niece Liv and navigate our way through Brussels using my Quebecois French. Sandwiched in between, are two trips to London. The later will hopefully include a visitation from a certain sister missionary who is serving Northwards in that same country. All exciting, yes, yes, but I will still miss out on the pumpkin pie.
Around 7 o'clock I started hinting that I would very much like to MAKE a pumpkin pie. Christopher mentioned something about how last year I made pumpkin pie. He also implied that last year should be the last year that I will make pumpkin pie. I will not make pumpkin pie until he forgets the pumpkin pie I made last year. I remember it too. Gross -but okay if smothered in a lot of whipped cream. My brother-in-law M.D. said that he "sorta" liked it. I miss old M.D.
Christopher likes the grocery store bought pumpkin pie. Since I only wanted one piece I conceded. Allow me to tell the adventure that proceeded my concession.
Target 8:00pm = only one left as of 8 o'clock tonight. Bad deal, the crust was whittled away, as in parts of the crust were MIA.
Pause. Because it was after Target that we drove all the way up to South Fork for a faith promoting moment that will go down in family records as the Miracle Of The Missing Wallet. I will let Christopher tell that story on his blog. What? Christopher doesn't have a blog? It's like I don't even know my own husband anymore.
Harmons 9:15pm = Pie was $9.99. What was it made out of gold? Real pumpkin? Randy Harmon's commercial budget? Too pricey for grocery store pie. I guess. That is just what CK told me.
Maceys 9:27 = Pie looked sick. Sick like nobody shot the pumpkin full of steroids, injected it with solid fats and made a documentary before slaughtering it. It resembled in many ways a mere penny. Christopher and I could have each eaten one solo. So no.
Albertsons 9:44 = At this point we have driven all over the valley. I would have taken a pumpkin Hostess pie. Whatever. Albeys (the one on University Parkway. Are you kidding? Of course I wasn't at 5th West. Don't you think I take my life seriously?) came through a nice pie for a nice price.

Next year I will just stay at home for Thanksgiving. Searching for a pumpkin pie pre-Thanksgiving was more exhausting than all that traveling that I am going to be doing in Europe next week. And I won't have to use my Quebecois and that is something I can definitely be thankfull about.

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